1904 - Plant sells NELLIE to Parmelee who belongs to the NY, Larchmont, New Haven, and Sachems Head Yacht Clubs in Guilford CT. Parmelee renames her ISHKOODAH and participates in several NYYC cruises.

1906 - Parmelee sells ISHKOODAH (ex.NELLIE) to Sam M. Nicholson (Nicholson File Company) of Providence, RI.  Nicholson belonged to the Bristol Yacht Club.

1908 - Nicholson sells ISHKOODAH to Wm. E. Iselin of New York City who kept her in New Rochelle.  Iselin belonged to the NYYC, Atlantic, Eastern, Larchmont, and Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Clubs.  He also owned the ex-Cup Defender Vigilant in 1908.  Iselin renames ISHKOODAH to BUTTERFLY. Photo Credit: Mystic Seaport Association Rosenfeld Collection

1911 - BUTTERFLY (ex. ISHKOODAH, NELLIE) renamed EDIANA by new owner John A. Crowley of Brooklyn, NY and kept her at City Island. Crowley belonged to the Harlem YC.  New Ratsey sails in 1913. Photo Credit: Mystic Seaport Association Rosenfeld Collection. 

1917 - EDIANA renamed MARIQUITA and owned by Harry B. Shaen of New York City who kept her at Shippan Point, CT. Shaen belonged to the Harlem and Stanford Yacht Clubs.

1920 - NELLIE’s name is reverted to BUTTERFLY and is owned by Stuyvesant Wainwright of New York City and kept at Milton Point, NY.  He belonged to the New York, American, and Harlem Yacht Clubs.  Photo Credit: Mystic Seaport Association Rosenfeld Collection.

1935 - Still as BUTTERFLY is owned by Theodore S. Sitterley of New York City who kept her in Larchmont. Sitterly shortened her bowsprit, made her a club footed single foresail rig,. Below he installed a gray gasoline 4 cylinder in 1935, her first auxiliary. She was a birthday present from his father who purchased her for $2,000.

1936 - Still as BUTTERFLY owned by William E. Lungren of New York City who kept her at Port Washington.  New Larson sails in 1939 and a new deck house in 1941.

1947 - Still as BUTTERFLY owned by S. Gordon Barnett, Jr. of West Orange, NJ who kept her at City Island.  Barnett belonged to the City Island Yacht Club.  New Larson sails 1946, N&M sails 1948 & 1950 and a new Gray gas engine in 1952.

1956 - Still as BUTTERFLY owned by Thomas Rickenback of Riverside (later Stamford), CT, who kept her in Greenwich, CT.  Rickenback belonged to the Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club. Previously the Rickenback family purchased TRIVIA (1938) that they raced successfully for 13 years. New Fairclough sails 1957; (Sail No. 3) new 60 hp Gray gas engine 1956. New 80 hp Gray gas engine 1976.  Rebuilt 1935, according to the 1978 North American Yacht Register.

1979 - James Lloyd of Darien, CT buys NELLIE and keeps her in-water storage for 19 consecutive years.  This storage approach is largely credited for maintaining her structural integrity.

2003 - Accepted as a donation for the Independence Seaport Museum and trucked to Brooklin, ME to DH Hylan & Associates for restoration.  Name reverts to the original NELLIE.

2007 - Continued as NELLIE. Fernando Alva and Jeffrey Boal purchase NELLIE from Independence Seaport Museum and continue the process of a curatorial accurate restoration of NELLIE.

2014 – Leslie and Richard Fairbanks purchase NELLIE and sail out of Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Greenwich CT and Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club , Blue Hill Maine. NELLIE remains in Bristol condition and is supported by her tender, Atlantide, a classic 1930 motorsailer.