1902 – Regatta of Hartford Yacht Club at Fenwick... Comrade Defeats Red Jacket... Races Sailed in Light Air... Large Crowd Present. Morton F. Plan's fast thirty-footer Nellie won the race in her class at the seventh annual regatta of the Hartford Yacht Club, held at Fenwick yesterday, and also took the Fenwick Hall cup by making the best corrected time over the course.  By this victory the cup goes into the permanent possession of Mr. Plant.

1913 – NELLIE captures the Deep Sea Trophy and covers 280 nautical miles in two days.

1924 – NELLIE aka BUTTERFLY wins the 280 mile Brooklyn Yacht Club Challenge Trophy in record time.

1922 – NELLIE aka BUTTERFLY wins the Race Around Long Island in record time.

1927 – NELLIE wins the celebrated Cape May Race. 2

2011 – present. Back in her home waters of Western Long Island Sound, NELLIE takes first place in the Oyster Bay Classic Series.  A seven-race regatta the Oyster Bay Classic features a diversity of wooden classics including several Herreshoffs, Luders, Rhodes and S&S designed yachts. Always a competitor, strong finishes at Indian Harbor Classic Regattas and Eggemoggin Reach Classic Boat Regattas year after year.